So close…

7 days to go...I can almost taste it…

…not that I’d want to taste it or anything, just playing the 3DS will be more than enough to satisfy my gaming needs!

So still no word from my local HMV as to whether it will be a midnight launch.  I don’t think it will be (another massive sad face!).  I read that HMV on Oxford Street will be opening at midnight, and the first couple of hundred to get there get a free game of their choice for the new console!  Shame I don’t live near London!

But I believe I have gotten quite a decent deal:

  • £20 giftcard when I purchase the pre-ordered device
  • £10 worth of HMV Pure points ( I have quite a few saved up!)
  • A deal on the console, where I pay another £20 for a game in the bundle

So altogether, I’m very excited for this release and have been for what feels like an eternity!

Stay glued to this blog for the video and written review of the 3DS and PilotWings Resort(?).  Pilotwings Resort is the game I have pre-ordered, but you never know how many copies of games retailers get at launch, so I won’t say for definite that it will be that game, but who knows…

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