NanoGalaxy Review (iPhone/iPod Touch)

NanoGalaxy - Main Menu

NanoGalaxy, from Alex Gongalsky, is a mixed bag.  To find out why I think so, read on or watch the video review

When I say mixed bag, I mean it has the potential to be quite a big game, especially seeing as it is free.  What it doesn’t do is put the fairly addictive gameplay with a decent presentation.

NanoGalaxy - Tutorial

The way it goes about showing the gameplay off is like any other game, showing you the main idea, forcing an easy to pick up and play style of gaming, while also providing a atmosphere for hard-core gamers later on.

As mentioned earlier, the presentation isn’t top-notch.  Not supporting the retina display is its killer here, but also sporting voice-overs that make you laugh in what tries to be a serious situation in the game.  It just seems this needs a good polish, maybe a gameplay speed increase (frame rate I’m guessing).

The app is free, so it really isn’t a problem if it isn’t your cup of tea, so try it out, see what you think.  Check out the video review for more details!

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