Doodle Jump: New Multiplayer Update!

Lima Sky, the people behind the ridiculously addictive game Doodle Jump, have released a multiplayer update for the game!  Carry on reading for more details…

I’ve always thought, Doodle Jump multiplayer wouldn’t work.  Now having played it, I can say I was completely wrong.  2 players on screen at the same time is a great idea, with an arrow telling you where the other player is at all times.

Using Game Center, people on your friends list can be invited to a game of Doodle Jump over wifi and jump straight into the game.  It works really well, I haven’t come across any connection issues as of yet.

Once the other player is in the lobby, the game can begin.  This is done by the host of the game, who clicks ‘Play Now’.

As for the gameplay, it is regular Doodle Jump.  As soon as a player falls, the game ends and the other player (who didn’t fall) is the winner, regardless of whether they are behind or not.  I think this is a great addition to the game, so I would definitely recommend going to the App Store and getting the update NOW!


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