Feature: Thoughts on MGS HD Collection coming to PS Vita

The MGS HD Collection is coming to the PS Vita.  What are my thoughts on this reveal?  What will this do for the 3DS version of MGS3?

After hearing about the MGS HD Collection being released on the PS Vita, I had a mixture of feelings.  These were mainly good feelings:  I’m glad that there is a chance to play the MGS series on a handheld, be that on a very expensive handheld!  After reviewing the MGS HD Collection on Xbox 360, which I rated very highly, I have high hopes for this release and I can see a lot of MGS fans picking up a Vita purely for this game.

Then, I had a sudden thought: MGS 3D.

Yes, Nintendo has a killer game on it’s hands here.  It’s had lots of hype:  camera camo, obviously 3D graphics, but is the news of the HD Collection on PS Vita a downer in the Nintendo camp?  I have a slight feeling Ninty don’t feel as good as they did a few months ago, but at the same time, they have a great handheld, and maybe having the single MGS game might be beneficial (in the MGS HD Collection review, I couldn’t praise MGS 3 anymore than I did!).

As well as having a slew of other launch titles including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Sony have a nice line-up to set off their major handheld.  My only gripe is it seems over-priced.

The PS Vita gets released in the UK and Europe on the 22nd of February.

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