To stream or not to stream: THAT is the question!


Subscribers on my YouTube channel have watched videos I have done on YouTube, be that a review or gameplay video.  Being in the 2nd half of 2015, I want to change things up a bit.

Video game streaming.  It’s a craze that grown over the past few years.  With more and more games coming out at this time of year, the casual and hardcore use streaming as a means of entertainment, a way to see the game before a possible purchase or for a trip down memory lane.

I have seen my fair share of streams, watching the popular streamers from time to time.  I can definitely see the appeal for people to sit for may hours watching other people play games, which sounds crazy!  One figure for you:  I have put 41 hours into watching broadcasts on Twitch.  Others have put many more into this and other similar services.

With it becoming a difficult time for me and my channel (I am being given more work at my full-time job), I am looking to streaming services to get content across to my subscribers and newcomers alike.  I update my Twitter feed whenever I stream, just to give some notice 🙂

I like to switch between both Twitch and YouTube Gaming at the moment, I haven’t decided which is my favourite (YouTube due to the channel, Twitch due to the popularity of the service).

I’d love to get some feedback / have a chat with any viewers, so be sure to follow Twitter for updates!


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